Infrastructures for forest research in Mediterranean Region

FORESTERRA aims to increase the efficiency and coherence of European and Mediterranean forest research by facilitating access to research infrastructures. In order to promote the mutual opening of national research infrastructures and information, FORESTERRA identifies concrete forest research infrastructures of common strategic interest in Mediterranean region.

If you are in charge of an experimental site, research facility or database, you can contribute by filling the corresponding form/s and send them to:

Experimental site. An experimental site is located in the field. Natural conditions are measured but not controlled and therefore, natural or artificial events can impact.

Download the form for experimental site.

Research facility. A facility is usually located in a laboratory or in a specific building where it is possible to fix andcontrol, partially or completely, the experimental conditions.

Download the form for research facility.

Database. A database refers to knowledge-containing resources such as collections, archives, structured scientific information or thematic data infrastructures used to conduct research in the forest field. It can be “single-sited (a single resource at a single location), distributed (a network of distributed resources) or virtual (the service is being provided electronically).

Download the form for database.

Map of Institutes with forest research infrastructures in the Mediterranean basin

List of forest research infrastructures